Custom PhonePacs


Most cyclists these days carry a mobile phone whilst cycling and the usual place to carry it is in the rear jersey pocket.

However carrying a phone in the pocket leaves it venerable to corrosive sweat damage in hot weather and water damage in wet conditions. With smartphone’s costing as much as £600 to replace VeloPac offers the perfect solution.

PhonePac is now available in two versions:
PHONEPAC ORIGINAL has a white back for full coverage logo printing.

PHONEPAC2 has an added clear panel on the back so that the Phone camera can also be used in situ. The printable back panel is therefore reduced in size.

PhonePac is a simple compact waterproof PVC case designed to perfectly fit the back pocket of a cycle jersey keeping all your valuables together so that they are not damaged or lost & preventing pocket sag.

PhonePac will fit most brands of smart phone up to 5.5” screen including the I-Phone, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Nokia etc & has an easy to grip press seal closure. Large screen phablet phones over 5.5” (Galaxy Note 3 etc) do not fit. The front panel is clear so that any smartphone touch screen can be operated without removing the phone from the Pac.

For larger orders with single colour screen print we can offer material colour options for the back panel to create a unique branded product.

PhonePac can be custom printed with branding and logos. This makes PhonePac ideal for the following uses:

BIKE RETAILERS – Branded with dealer logo and contact details – printed with a bar code or QR it could be used as a loyalty card with a scan able discount code.

EVENT ORGANISERS – Excellent low cost goody bag giveaway with event logo or co-branding with sponsors logos. It could be provided to the rider pre-event printed with emergency contact details, route info etc

BIKE & ACCESSORY BRANDS – Printed with company branding for resale or promotional use

MEDIA– Ideal low cost magazine cover mount item with title and/or sponsors branding.

CORPORATES & CHARITIES – excellent promo item to raise brand awareness.

CLUBS & TEAMS – Club branded for gift or resale to raise funds.

Printing and Delivery Information

We print the design onto the material sheet before cutting and welding which allows us to print up to 100% print edge to edge coverage of the printable side. The result is that we can create a stunning design with a strong visual impact. The printing is placed on the non-zip side so we can offer full edge to edge printing.

This is our primary print process as we can offer full colour printing at a flat rate price to deliver a stunning multi-colour design. Digital printing is more economical than screen printing for multi-colour designs in smaller quantities (the minimum order is 100pcs) but is not as economical as screen printing for large runs due to a slower production process. Digital printing MUST be onto a white material base colour and after printing we coat the print for UV light and scratch protection.

For larger volume orders (usually 500pcs +) we can use a screen print process if the design is just a single print colour which is faster & more economical.  This is a wet ink screen print process and we can print onto a choice of base colour materials. We use quality inks so the print is durable and will not easily scratch.  There are a number of standard base material colours for the print side available form stock but for large special commissions we can also order other coloured material colours from our suppliers upon request.

If you are able to use design software we can send you a template to design the PhonePac in your preferred design software. We will need the files sent in a high resolution editable format (PDF, AI, CDR etc) together with the colour references (Pantone, CMYK). Please note that the inner line is the tool cutter and the outer line is the sheet print area. If you intend to print right to the edges please allow the design to bleed outside the cutter line BUT ensure that ALL important detail (logos, text etc) are placed  a few mm INSIDE the cutter line.

If you do not have the skills or the software to prepare the design yourself we can create a visual design for your approval. To do this we will require the logo(s) to be supplied in a suitable high resolution format together with a sketch/description of the desired design with confirmation of the colours.

If the design is a single colour screen print you can choose for a number of base colours. Please contact us first to discuss your design so we can advise what sheet material colours we have in stock. For very large runs 1000pcs + we order more colours from our material supplier but this may add to lead-time.

The exact production lead-time is determined by the order level at the factory at the point of confirmation. This fluctuates throughout the year but usual lead-time is about 5~6 weeks. We can confirm this when we are at the point of artwork sign-off.

For overseas enquiries we can quote delivery cost upon request.